More about Aqua Arcadia

These days, communication
is a prerequisite for growth…

The firm Aqua Arcadia is a technical translation company, which was established
in 1998, with the following subject of activity:
translation and legalization
of of documents for (...)



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Aqua Arcadia provides the translation of strategic projects for organizations ranging from major international groups to small local businesses.

With its perfect mixture of quality and responsiveness, Aqua Arcadia offers the flexibility to rise to any challenge and can provide you with specialized translation services in a the field of:


Law and Finance

  • Financial and economic reports
  • Business plans
  • Contracts, powers of attorney, certificates
  • Preparation of tender documentation

Marketing and Communication

  • Business brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Press releases and articles
  • Market research, etc.

Industry and technology

  • Specifications
  • Standards and patents
  • Technical descriptions
  • Maintenance instructions, etc.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Different kinds of monitoring (birds, habitat, ...)


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